Dr. Joshua Blakeslee

Dr. Joshua Blakeslee
Associate Professor
208 Gourley Hall - OARDC Wooster
Biochemical Plant Physiology;Plant Hormone/Sugar Metabolism in Response to Plant Stresses

Dr. Blakeslee joined the Horticulture and Crop Science Department at Ohio State in 2011, where his laboratory is investigating the biochemical physiology of plant adaptive responses to the environment.  This research is focused on three primary areas:  1. Determining the role of lipid signaling molecules in regulating phosphorylation cascades following abiotic stress; 2. Adaptive regulation of auxin and organic acid transport following stimulus; and 3. environmental regulation of sterol/terpenoid metabolism.  In addition to his role as a faculty member in the HCS Department, Dr. Blakeslee is also a member of the Center for Applied Plant Sciences and is the head of the OARDC Metabolite Analysis Center (OMAC), which provides analytical biochemical services for both on - and off-campus clients.

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