Celeste Welty

Dr. Celeste Welty
Associate Professor
Fruit and Vegetable Pest Management

Office located on The Ohio State University main campus, Columbus.

I work on the biology and management of vegetable and fruit pests. My extension program (70% of appointment) involves educating growers and extension agents on how to implement integrated pest management in fruit and vegetable crops both on commercial farms and in home gardens, and providing timely information on pests as the season progresses. My research program (30% of appointment) involves evaluating insect monitoring techniques, assessing the relationship between pest population levels and timing of control applications, and manipulating chemical and cultural practices to enhance the impact of natural enemies. Projects currently underway are spider mite biological control in apples, cucumber beetle and aphid management in pumpkins and cucumbers, caterpillar management in sweet corn, stink bug management in tomatoes, and European corn borer management in peppers.

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