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  1. Many Topics of Interest!

    May 31,

    Essential Resources for Wine Grape Integrated Pest Management Cultural Practices after a Frost Event Regional Vineyard Updates-AARS-OARDC-OSU South Centers Brown Marmorated Video Links Ohio Asian Long Horned Beetle Update Ohio Wine Competition Results
  2. Vineyard Updates

    May 24,

    June is Ohio Wine Month and it was celebrated last night (May 22) at the State House by the introduction of the Director’s Choice Awards by the Ohio Director of Agriculture, David L. Daniels.
  3. Research and Frost Update

    May 20,

    When comparing 2012 to 2013, we observed much cooler March temperatures in 2013 but made up for it with what were more normal April temperatures. GDD for March 2013 are also well below the 30-year average.
  4. Frost Effects on Grapes in Wooster

    May 14,

    Sunday night to early Monday morning we had a low of 290F in one area of the Unit II vineyard in Wooster. The low temperature came around 6 am Monday morning and only stayed there for a short period.
  5. Mild winter, Warm Spring, and Frequent Frosts: Coincidence or New Trend?

    June 1,

    Mild winter, Warm Spring, and Frequent Frosts: Coincidence or New Trend? by Imed Dami, Yi Zhang, Diane Kinney and Greg Johns