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THE GRAPE EXCHANGE and THE JOB BOARD - Items for Sale in the Industry/Job opportunities

  1. - windsong Forecasts

    December 5,

    The best practice for protection against winter injury is to have your hilling of soil or mulching in place prior to Thanksgiving.
  2. Value-Added Producer Grant Program

    November 27,

    Program Objective • To help agricultural producers enter into value-added activities related to the processing and/or marketing of biobased value-added products. • To expand markets and increase financial returns to agricultural producers.
  3. VEAP - Vineyard Expansion Assistance Program Survey Summary

    November 25,

    Goal of the Program Establish more Ohio grown grapes, wine or tablegrapes, because of the shortage of available Ohio grown grapes.
  4. 2 Free Webinars on November 21

    November 19,

    Grape and Wine Contracts for Grape Growers and Wineries
  5. 30 Day Weather Forecast

    November 8,

    (Editor’s Note: WXRISK.COM This is the second publication that of this weather forecasting site in OGEN this year. This forecast comes out of Virginia and is very accurate as far as weather forecasting can be.