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  1. Special Issue - Update on the Freeze & Grape Injury.

    January 17,

    Updates on winter freeze event and upcoming workshops.
  2. Special Issue on Arctic Blast

    January 10,

    This is a special update on the Arctic temperatures experienced throughout Ohio this past week. Various temperatures across the map will be included comparing 2009 to just days ago. Dr. Dami, state viticulturalist will share early predictions and observations. keywords: Polar Vortex, cold hardiness, bud injury
  3. Good Bye 2013 and Hello 2014

    December 31,

    The wine from the 2013 season is of vintage quality although the season did not seem like it.
  4. 2014 Ohio Grape and Wine Conference Update

    December 13,

    Hello and Merry Christmas to you all! I saw on the evening news last night that some of the growers in northern Ohio were harvesting there Ice Wine Grapes. We were in the low single digits in Wooster yesterday morning with a high of 180F yesterday afternoon. It is definitely colder earlier than it has been in a long time.
  5. Do you Know the Status of Your Pesticide License?

    December 11,

    I Where do I start looking if I do not already have a license? Ohio Department of Agriculture Pesticide and Fertilizer Regulation Section