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  1. A Cautionary Tale about Producing Spirits

    Jun 27, 2017

    Norton, Ohio—Many winemakers contemplate making their own brandy, but making distilled spirits can be a hazardous undertaking. Andy and Deanna Troutman, owners of the Winery at Wolf Creek in Norton, Ohio, found that out in a devastating way May 30. Early that morning, Andy Troutman went to the winery’s distillery room and turned on the distiller. Shortly after he left the building to get a cup of coffee, there was a loud explosion.

  2. FDA Begins Winery Inspections

    Jun 27, 2017

    San Rafael, Calif.—Wine law specialists have warned since 2011 that the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) would eventually start inspecting wineries for compliance with the Food Safety Modernization Act. This spring those inspections started in earnest. According to Barbara Snider, senior counsel for the California-based Hinman & Carmichael law firm, wineries from Washington state to Napa and California’s San Joaquin Valley have reported unplanned visits from the FDA.

  3. OSU Viticulture Student Earns 4 National Scholarships

    May 30, 2017

    Jaclyn Fiola, a Ph. D student in the Viticulture Program (advisor: Dr. Imed Dami), has been awarded four national scholarships for the upcoming year.  They are as follows:

    1. American Society for Enology and Viticulture Michael Vail Scholarship: The American Society for Enology and Viticulture annually awards competitive scholarships to the best students, across the country, pursuing a degree in enology, viticulture, or in a curriculum emphasizing a science basic to the wine and grape industry.

  4. National Pest Alert - Palmer Amaranth

    May 25, 2017

  5. Frost Damage Update in Northeast Ohio

    May 16, 2017

    Many vineyards in Northeast Ohio experienced damaging frosts on the mornings of May 8th and 9th.  At the Ashtabula Agricultural Research Station (AARS), temperatures reached 30.4 and 30.8 oF on the mornings of the 8th and 9th respectively.


  6. Last Weeks Frost Damage Update

    May 16, 2017

    Last Week’s Frost Damage Update
    Imed Dami & Diane Kinney
    The Ohio State University

  7. Industry Retirement Party for Dave Scurlock

    Apr 4, 2017

    Have any of you every known Dave Scurlock to not have a smile on his face and a hand held out waiting to greet you no matter the time of day?  I'm sure anyone who has come in contact with him immediately has multiple stories come to mind including both his fun-loving endearing nature as well as unlimited advice from his vast knowledge of viticulture.  Dave is not only passionate about grapes but about each and every one of you, his Grape and Wine Family.

  8. Grape Growers, Winemakers to Gather at Feb. 20-21 Conference

    Jan 19, 2017

    COLUMBUS, Ohio — Instead of hearing it through the grapevine, winemakers and grape growers can learn from the experts directly at the 2017 Ohio Grape and Wine Conference, Feb. 20-21 in Dublin, Ohio.

    Ohio ranks in the top 10 nationally in grape acreage, grape production and wineries, which now number more than 250, said Imed Dami, Ohio State University Extension viticulturist and one of the event’s organizers. The industry’s economic impact in the state hovers around $800 million a year, he said.

    News Article by:  Martha Filipic

  9. Determining the Best Cold Hardiness Measurement

    Jan 4, 2017

    Grapes contribute more than $5 billion per year to the economy of the eastern United States, and the grape and wine industries have been expanding rapidly in those regions. However, the sustainability of profitable yet cold-sensitive cultivars is limited by climatic constraints, primarily lethal freezing temperatures that can drop well below 0° F. The severe economic losses that result from freezing injury continue to be a major setback for the continuous growth of the grape and wine industries in this region.

    News Article by Imed Dami.  Wines & Vines.  January 2017.

  10. Nomination Deadline for Grower or Winemaker of the Year is December 2, 2016

    Nov 23, 2016

    Reminder:  Deadline to return Nomination Forms for Grower or Winemaker of the Year is Next Week, December 02 2016.

    Do you know a grape grower in the Ohio industry who displays outstanding excellence in vineyard management or a winemaker who displays outstanding excellence in winemaking?

    If so, be sure to complete and return the attached “Grower of the Year” and/or “Winemaker of the Year” nomination form, no later than December 2, 2016.