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Shaulis Symposium at ASEV-ES

Geneva, NY.  A special vineyard tour and symposium entitled “Digital Viticulture: New Tools for Precision Management” will be featured as part of the annual American Society for Viticulture and Enology- Eastern Section (ASEV-ES) conference at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY on July 16 through July 18.

The two-day program and vineyard tour will bring together suppliers, researchers, and growers to explore the tools and concepts of precision viticulture.  New technologies, such as inexpensive sensors, digital imaging, geographical information systems, and precision machinery are converging to make precision viticulture possible.  This field tour and symposium will focus on tools, concepts, and platforms for putting it all together to manage vineyards.

“Nelson Shaulis and others developed principles of vine physiology that form the basis of modern viticulture over the past 50 years”, said Tim Martinson, Senior extension associate with Cornell University. “Yet growers have lacked the tools to apply these principles on a vine by vine basis until now.  New precision ag technologies are finally making it possible to vary management within a vineyard to achieve management goals.”

The ASEV-ES conference, featuring presentations on enology and viticulture from students and researchers of the Eastern Section, will take place on Tuesday, July 16. The conference includes lunch and Wines of the East reception.

The vineyard tour and demonstrations on Wednesday, July 17 will include variable-rate shoot thinning, mechanical crop estimation, yield monitors, sensors for measuring soil and canopy characteristics, UAV and tractor-mounted imaging systems, and tools for canopy management. The tour includes lunch and reception featuring regional wines.

The Shaulis Symposium on July 18 will focus on applying viticultural principles to address within-vineyard variability.  Four sessions will cover the three-step process of implementing precision management:  Measure, Model, and Manage.  The symposium will include lunch and reception.

  • Session 1: Physiology of vine balance and precision viticulture
  • Session 2: Metrics for management: Sensors, drones, satellites, and analytical equipment
  • Session 3: Models for management: Translating data to practical tools for deciding ‘what I need to do and where’.
  • Session 4: Examples of applied digital viticulture.

Registration options for each day are available.  Conference, Vineyard Tour, and Symposium information is available at .