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Mitigation of Cold Damage in Grapevines: Science & Practice

Apr 21, 2016, 2:00pm - 5:00pm
The Ohio State University/OARDC
Diane Kinney

Invited Speaker:  Dr. Martin Goffinet

Dr. Martin Goffinet is a Research Scientist whose research efforts focused on studies of plant structure and development that relate to problems growers face in efficiently producing high quality fruits, vegetables, and seeds in the past 30+ years.  Most of his research has been on grapevine biology and practical problems facing the industry such as winter damage.  At this workshop, Dr. Goffinet will share his wealth of information on grapevine anatomy and what happens when grapevines are damaged by cold. He will also present research on cane burial as a winter protection method and its pros and cons. Dr. Goffinet received several national awards including the American Society for Horticulture Science Best Extension Bulletin Award entitled: “Cold Injury to Grapevines and Methods of Protection.”

Topics to be covered:

  • Cold injury and repair:  How does the grapevine do it?
  • Burying canes to avoid winter damage:  What research tells us
  • Is cane burial worth the hassle and extra cost?
  • Hands-on assessment of damage in canes “buried’ in 2015
  • Current situation in the vineyard (update by Dr. Imed Dami)

OARDC, Research Services Building, Building #1 :  map

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