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Spring Frost

Freeze Watch: April 24, 2024

April 24, 2024 - 10:46am --

By: Maria Smith, HCS-OSU

Buds are breaking across Ohio and here in Wooster (Fig. 1), but frost risk looms again tonight. A few regions of Ohio reached damaging temperatures for green tissues on the morning of April 22 (Fig. 2), with minor damage observed in some vineyards in Central and Southern Ohio.

Aftermath of the frost event on 18 May 2023

May 30, 2023 - 3:05pm --

By: Imed Dami and Maria Smith, HCS-OSU

Freeze advisories were issued the week of May 15 and temperature dropped below freezing on May 18. The lowest temperatures ranged between 28 oF and 31 oF. These freeze events were thankfully not widespread and occurred mainly in northeast Ohio (see map below). Note that this was the latest freeze since 26 May 2013 for Wooster and the second latest freeze on record since 1997. 

Third consecutive year... widespread spring freeze warnings are back

April 27, 2022 - 12:04pm --

By: Maria Smith, HCS-OSU

Following last weekend’s warm weather, bud break has arrived in many early varieties (e.g., Marquette, La Crescent, Itasca, Marechal Foch). These varieties are now more vulnerable to freeze and frost events since more developed shoots are progressively less tolerant of temperatures below 32 F (Figure 1, Table 1).

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